The Intuition is the most recent member of the Vita Talalay® product range. Radium Foam has applied its knowledge and expertise to create a mattress that combines the superior quality of the Vita Talalay® products with thermal energy storage technology. This makes the Intuition the most intelligent Vita Talalay® product because it further improves the sleeping environment. The increased temperature stability together with all Vita Talalay®´s characteristics will have your customers feel completely energized.

Heat management
Vita Talalay®´s unique open cell structure provides optimal support, comfort and ventilation which ensures the best possible sleep situation. Another big influence on a good night’s rest is the space in which we sleep: clean air and a hygienic climate are of significant importance. A hygienic climate is based on good ventilation and a constant temperature. Intuition reacts to temperature: when that changes, Intuition will either extract or release heat and therefore maintain the optimal temperature. By keeping the sleeping climate constant, your customers will no longer wake up because of temperature fluctuations.

Intuition is based on the combination of the Vita Talalay® process with the TES technique (Thermal Energy Storage) the resulting material is generally called Phase Changing Material (PCM). PCM is material that uses the transition between solid and liquid material states to extract or release heat. Excess heat is saved for use at a later time. When designing mattresses, toppers or pillows it is to be recommended that the cover matches Intuition’s properties.

Vita Talalay®
The Vita Talalay® production process of freezing, vulcanization and oxidization of the purest latex creates a superior component for top quality mattresses, toppers and pillows. Years of market research and product development have led to a product range of exceptional quality of which each individual product caters to specific demands of your customers. All Vita Talalay® products offer maximum ventilation, which helps to dissipate body moisture and surpass all other foams in terms of resilience and durability. Above all, sleeping on Vita Talalay® provides the necessary energy for a successful day.